Feltre School

Founded in March 1992 by a small group of Northwestern University alumni, The Feltre School was inspired by the fifteenth century educator Vittorino da Feltre, an early Italian Renaissance humanist whose teaching adapted the traditional liberal arts—grammar, logic, rhetoric—to the contemporary world and produced students of experience, reflection, and distinction. Similarly, our curriculum is derived from the same classical trivium, and it inspires people to use language skillfully and to think critically.

Returning adult students, corporate professionals, and people in the community come to the School for advanced courses in English grammar, writing, and the humanities. Our courses allow people to further their education in an atmosphere that is thoughtful, reflective, and intellectually substantial.

Vittorino da Feltre was known to have educated a wide variety of people at his school, Casa Giocasa. Likewise, The Feltre School brings together people from a wide variety of backgrounds who aspire to cultivate a life of the mind, and who value self-reliance and individual accomplishment.

Students, faculty, and staff at The Feltre School are members of a community dedicated to thoughtful reflection. In addition to our courses, we offer special events, lectures, and symposia, designed to advance the liberal arts, and deepen our appreciation of the world around us. We welcome the support of all who believe that the liberal arts provide the very best education possible.

Robert J. Ultimo, Director
M.A., Classics, Northwestern University

Robert Ultimo is a founding member and Director of The Feltre School. Previous to founding The Feltre School Mr. Ultimo taught in both the day school and as an instructor at Northwestern University's College of Continuing Studies. Mr. Ultimo is a recipient of the 1995 Distinguished Teaching Award at Northwestern's College of Continuing Studies and has taught courses there in English, Latin, and Roman history.

Lawrence J. Lenza, Assistant Director and Director of Development
M.A., Liberal Studies and B.S., Speech and Theater, Northwestern University

Lawrence Lenza is a founding member of The Feltre School. For more than 12 years, Mr. Lenza has taught Public Speaking to various groups, including corporate onsite classes, and Kellogg Graduate School of Management students. Most recently, Mr. Lenza has volunteered his time teaching art to third grade students at the Neal School in North Chicago, and has served as chairperson for the Northwestern University School of Communication Alumni Board. He is also producer for In the Library Theater, our staged play reading series.

Daniel S. Tuell, Faculty, Program Assistant
B.S., Grand Valley State University
Mr. Tuell completed his teacher training at Feltre. He teaches Mathematics and English Grammar. In addition, Mr. Tuell has worked closely with Robert Ultimo in the development and implementation of our course in Aristotelian logic.