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ATTN: CLA Membership Scholarship for English grammar training.

This 7-week course is designed for teachers and literacy volunteers, so that they might "brush up" on the 8 parts of speech, and generally increase their knowledge of traditional English grammar. It is perfect for those who teach English, volunteer in literacy programs, or tutor in English, including ESL. Essentially, we teach the basic rules of English grammar, and THE REASONS BEHIND THE RULES.  (For CLA affiliates, their employees, and their volunteers scholarship assistance is applied to reduce the tuition from $550 to $330, which includes all materials.)

The Elements of Grammar and Writing -  a 7-week intensive review

This course will introduce you to the craft of writing by presenting the basic elements of modern English grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation.  You will learn the reasons behind the rules, so that you can make intelligent choices as you organize your thoughts and communicate them clearly.  The Elements of Grammar and Writing is particularly well suited for tutors of both elementary grammar and composition.

This seven-week course meets once each week for two hours at the Literacenter, 651 W. Lake St.   Classes form every 7 weeks (see current schedule for Elements of Grammar and Writing start dates).

Questions?  Info@feltre.org    Or 312-445-0516.  The regular tuition of $550 is reduced through scholarship to $330 for CLA affiliate employees and volunteers of CLA organizations.

Saturdays, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

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