Feltre School

Welcome to Chicago's premiere institution for the study of the traditional language arts. Whether you are interested in communicating more clearly and concisely, or you wish to understand the reasons behind the rules of English -- the architecture and logic of the language -- you have come to the right place. We offer the very finest instruction in English grammar and composition.

The Elements of Grammar and Writing

This course will introduce you to the craft of writing by presenting the basic elements of modern English grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation.  You will learn the reasons behind the rules, so that you can make intelligent choices as you organize your thoughts and communicate them clearly.  The Elements of Grammar and Writing is particularly well suited for tutors of both elementary grammar and composition.
We will explain the difference between a draft and revision, show you how to build and trim your sentences, teach you how to ask certain logical questions to keep your writing focused, and introduce you to the analytical tools you need to revise written work accurately.  At the conclusion of the course, you will have learned what questions to ask so that your words say what you mean, and you will have a firm foundation on which confidently to continue your study of language and composition.

This seven-week course meets once each week for two hours at the Literacenter, 651 W. Lake St.  Tuition is $550 per 7-weeks. Questions?  Info@feltre.org    


The Practice of Writing: From Sentence to Paragraph

This seven-week course will explain how to compose sentences that are both clear and styled. We will begin by practicing how to transform simple sentences into compound and complex statements, and continue by learning how to arrange sentences into a paragraph that is both logical and persuasive. 
The course will review the basic elements of grammar, examine illustrations of good writing, and result in a knowledgeable confidence in revising one’s writing. The Practice of Writing is offered in two 7-week sessions, Part A and Part B.  (Part-A is prerequisite to Part-B).

The Elements of Grammar and Writing is a prerequisite of this course. Tuition is $550 for each part of The Practice of Writing.

Saturday, 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.